Mobile Commerce تجارت سیار

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is a new and innovative concept in the space of electronic commerce. In fact, it can be said that mobile commerce is a developed and wider example of e-commerce that is carried out through the mobile internet. Another definition we have of this concept is direct and indirect exchange based on monetary value that takes place through mobile internet networks. This type of business is not the only modified form of online services; Rather, it is a broader mode in the space of electronic business; Because it provides an opportunity to deliver new services to current customers and attract potential customers.

Application of Mobile Commerce

We will see the application of mobile commerce in 4 areas:

1. Using mobile tools to search for information.

2. Using mobile devices to transfer money between the customer and the company.

3. Providing and receiving services that are location-based, such as receiving personalized advertisements.

4. Using mobile capabilities for essential or entertainment purposes.

Mobile Commerce Development Factors

1. Development of Social Conditions

The formation and creation of new ideas, the ability to establish personal communication, the need to do business at any place and time, are among the examples of this factor.

2. Technology Development

The growth of technology, especially the growth and formation of new technologies, has also caused the growth of mobile commerce.

Mobile Commerce تجارت سیار
Mobile Commerce (M.C)
3. Economic Factors

In this regard, we can mention the attractive content and nature, spending the lowest costs, reasonable prices of services in mobile format and the amount of demand.

Advantages of Mobile Commerce

1. Accessibility

Mobile business tools are highly accessible. For this reason, we can conduct business transactions even while traveling and in different situations.

2. Location

Due to the fact that mobile devices are easy to transport, we can know the exact location of the user by using global positioning systems. This feature helps us provide better services.

Mobile Commerce تجارت سیار
3. Convenience

Carrying out commercial activities in the form of mobile commerce has no time and place limitations. Therefore, users can easily carry out their business actions at any time and place. This feature will also bring customer loyalty.

4. Obtaining Customer Satisfaction

Mobile phones and mobile devices are more powerful than personal computers. Mobile business providers can act more creatively in this field and tailor the services provided to each customer. Therefore, customer orientation will become popular.

5. Improving the Quality of Decision-Making

To make the best decision, the most important condition is gathering information. For this purpose, mobile technologies can provide managers with the best information channels and networks. As a result of this, managers can make the best decision by collecting data.

6. Reduction in Costs

Mobile commerce provides services at the lowest cost through the banking service system due to minimal human intervention.

Mobile Commerce تجارت سیار
Reduce Costs (R.C)
7. Increasing Responsiveness

Due to the increase in response to users’ needs, the level of user satisfaction increases.

Obstacles to the Development of Mobile Commerce

1. Technical Barriers

Technical levels are very important in providing network security. In addition, the speed of information transfer and maintaining the confidentiality of personal information is also related to the level of technology. If the system does not have enough security or its speed is low, it will lead to the reluctance of users to use the system. Also, if the network management does not benefit from sufficient knowledge and information, this factor will also be an obstacle to the development of the network.

2. Organizational Barriers

The use of mobile networks requires the design and implementation of a new organizational structure. In order to achieve this goal, the principles and executive processes should be organized in the same way and the different tasks and dimensions of the organization should be specified. If we don’t set proper goals and don’t have a written organizational framework, we will face interference and negative reactions.

3. Financial Barriers

Although the use of mobile service capabilities reduces the cost of transactions, the initial cost that includes the purchase of equipment and training and the marketing process is imposed on the organization. On the other hand, the cost of using these services is also charged to the consumer. In addition, the lack of monitoring and proper functioning of these systems will put a big obstacle in the way of business.

Up To Sum

Mobile Commerce is a new concept in the space of electronic commerce. Due to the ever-increasing and significant growth of information and communication, it is necessary to use new and extensive technologies in the field of business; Because today, business is no longer limited to buying from a small shop or dealing with a normal company. Day by day, the number of people and organizations that conduct their business transactions on the Internet and in an online format is increasing. Therefore, knowing the advantages and obstacles of this technology makes the process of using it easier.


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