Neurological Marketing بازاریابی عصبی

Neurological Marketing

Neurological Marketing

Neurological marketing is not just a marketing method. Rather, it is a combination of marketing methods and science with neuroscience. In this method, we seek to investigate the responses that the human brain gives to marketing processes. Experts in the field of neuromarketing first analyze the responses of the target customer’s brain to marketing techniques. After that, they adjust and change their activity methods according to the target customers and attract more customers.
The purpose of neuromarketing is to examine the brain’s reactions to the product. That is, relying on this type of marketing, we check which product attracts customers and increases the desire to buy. What kind of packaging style and color should the product that the human brain tells him/her to buy have? In general, neuromarketing is focused on attracting customers and determining the drivers of product purchase.

Applications of Neuromarketing

1. In Market Research

The greatest use of neuromarketing will occur during the market research process. Teams that work in the field of advertisement evaluation, new product presentation, or checking and evaluating the audience’s reaction to advertisements, benefit a lot from this marketing.

2. In the Initial Design and Packaging

The use of neuromarketing at this stage is to check the effect our manufactured product will have on our customers. The use of neuromarketing science will be effective for a correct understanding of emotional intelligence that governs different product designs.

Neurological Marketing بازاریابی عصبی
Design and Packaging

3. In Pricing

Today, the fact that price is an important and influential factor in the success of sales and supply of products and services is not hidden from anyone. Knowing how to express price comes from neuromarketing capabilities.

Neurological Marketing بازاریابی عصبی

4. In Advertising

The principles and techniques of neuromarketing are used to design and develop advertisements. Advertising is essentially a creative process that this style of marketing can be effective on the success rate of advertising through the investigation and better understanding of the impact of advertising on people.

Advantages of Neurological marketing

As stated earlier, neuromarketing aims to examine consumer reactions by penetrating the human brain. Therefore, the use of this science will be useful for predicting the reaction of consumers and influencing their behavior and decision.
Despite the objections against it at the beginning of this style of marketing, today people have realized its importance and value. Among the most important benefits of neuromarketing, the following can be mentioned:

1. Knowing the reasons of consumers for refusing to buy.
2. Evaluating the advertising process and investigating their problems and finding more effective ways.
3. Achieving consumers’ tastes and needs.
4. Ability to convince customers and encourage them to buy.
5. Increasing the power of creativity in advertising design and increasing sales.

Neurological Marketing Techniques

Due to the prosperity of this style of marketing, various techniques are used for it. The use of these techniques will be different according to different businesses and the various goals that each one has.

1. Eye Tracking

Using the eye tracking technique allows us to look at our ads and products from the perspective of our customers. In this way, we understand what features the customers pay more attention to. Using the eye tracking technique, we can implement our pr-designed marketing strategies. In this way, we find out whether our view is similar to the view of our target customers or not. As a result, we either ensure our advertising factors or change them according to the audience’s attention.

2. Examining the Brain Activities of Customers

This technique is about wanting to know what people are thinking. In this situation, we use brain imaging. The most important and widely used tools in this method are FMRI and EEG. Through this method, marketers can check the level of attention of people. The information obtained in this way can be useful for the development department of the company. Because we can get useful information about advertising and packaging and get more attention from the audience.

3. Coding Through Facial Expressions

The only way to identify customers’ emotions in neuromarketing is not to penetrate their minds. We can also understand the depth of people’s feelings by identifying their facial expressions. In this method, we use sensors that are installed on the face and measure all movements. Emotions are coded and the reaction of the participants is recognized based on the coding done.

4. Psychological Tricks

The 3 techniques mentioned earlier are not accessible to most marketers. But psychological tricks can be considered accessible to all people. Among the examples of this field, we can mention numerical tricks and pricing. Like listing the price of 199/000 Tomans! Or including or not including price labels on products.

Up To Sum

Neuromarketing is looking for a way to obtain information about customers and use them in designing and creating advertising ideas. Today, the principles and techniques of this marketing style are used for consulting and improving marketing activities. Neuromarketing tries to advance its marketing goals according to their interest and needs by penetrating the minds of customers. The important point in this regard is that the use of different techniques of this type of marketing should be in accordance with our business and advertising and marketing strategies in order to get a good return from it.


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