After Sales Services خدمات پس از فروش

After Sales Services

After Sales Services

After sales services includes the commitment that companies providing goods and services undertake in relation to support and responsiveness to customers. The design and application of customer service depends on the understanding and knowledge that we get from the customer‘s behavior and its performance in relation to sales. This service is considered a non-price competition that exists in some companies providing goods and services and some manufacturers. We face this issue especially in famous and popular brands. The use of these services can convince the buyer in two cases; The first is related to the purchase, the second is related to the high price of the product. In both cases, after-sales service can be a good justification. Besides, it can have a positive effect on the amount and success of future sales.

The Importance of After Sales Service

1. Recognizing weaknesses and deficiencies

2. Obtaining positive and negative comments from customers

3. Understanding the wishes, needs and expectations of consumers

4. Resolving defects and obtaining customer satisfaction

The effect that after-sales service has in relation to proving the authenticity of the product helps to retain the customer, acquire and increase his satisfaction, convert ordinary customers into loyal customers and increase the value of the brand. In addition, the result of the satisfaction and happiness of the customers is the attraction of new customers due to their individual and self-solicited advertisements. Therefore, it will generate more income in the short term.

Types of After Sales Services

The provision of after-sales services directly depends on the type of goods and services offered. These services are usually provided by manufacturers or dealers and include things such as warranty, training, repair, replacement, updating, etc. Here are some of these services:

1. Coupon Presentation

We can use this method to guarantee the next sale. Providing coupons can be one of the ways to thank customers who have decided to buy from us, and these coupons in the form of discounts can encourage our customers to give the coupon to someone close to them. In this way, we have succeeded in attracting customers and have increased the value of our brand and after-sales services.

After Sales Services خدمات پس از فروش
Discount Coupon (D.C)
2. Make a Phone Call

We can contact the customer within 30 days after the final purchase. This call should not be to force a new purchase or attract a customer. Our contact is only to check the level of satisfaction and ensure the quality of our product. This provides the basis for customer loyalty. If we are unable to make a phone call, we can send a message to thank them for their purchase and remind them that we are available and responsive.

3. Education

We use the training feature where our product has special features that are not easy for everyone to work with. In such a situation, holding a training session can be a way to familiarize the customers with the product’s capabilities. This process adds value to our product and will lead to positive interactions with the customer.

4. Warranty

Warranty is a guarantee that manufacturers or providers of goods and services give to their consumers. In addition to this guarantee, they undertake that the product offered will work properly and healthily during a certain period of time; Otherwise, the possibility of replacement and repair is available for them. In this way, the consumer has a solid and reliable support for the product he buys. Today, the warranty system is also out of its traditional mode and takes place online; That is, successful companies in the field of providing after-sales services and especially warranty, attract the satisfaction of their customers by providing the warranty code on the site.

5. Maintenance

In recent years, when we have been faced with the growth and development of devices and equipment, one of the main concerns of industrial managers has been the issue of maintenance and repairs. In this regard, it has always been tried to use methods to increase work efficiency, safety and reduce costs.
For this purpose, we can use the design and implementation of control methods on products. As a result of this process, it is possible to predict the time of failure and the time required for repair and the period of time to stop using. In general, the use of control methods increases the life span, increases safety and saves money.

After Sales Services خدمات پس از فروش
After Sales Services (A.S.S)
6. Accessories

At the beginning, we should pay attention to the fact that the sale of accessories will be in addition to the warranty and the provision of special services. To sell these items, we also need the passion and desire of the customer. Both we and the customer should be aware of what benefits we will get in this way.

Up To Sum

Providing after-sales services and their impact on customer satisfaction and increasing sales is undeniable. Usually, consumers’ preference is to buy from companies that provide after-sales services in a manner appropriate to the product. An important point in this is the compatibility of products with services that can be provided after their sale. In general, we can use things like warranty, phone call, discount coupon for this purpose.


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