Dealing with an angry customer روش برخورد با مشتری عصبانی

Dealing with Angry Customer

Dealing with Angry Customer

There is a way to dealing with angry customer in every business. It doesn’t matter what profession we are working in; Retail, hospitality, corporate marketing. All of us have faced an angry customer at some point in our careers. Although dealing with a nervous customer can be difficult, we can solve this problem in a way that brings positive results for us and the company. A calm approach helps us to do our job easily and keep the customer nervous.

The Importance of Helping an Angry Customer

By being friendly and respectful and finding a solution, we can keep a nervous customer for future transactions. If the customer is satisfied with our handling of his problem, he will change his mind and give positive feedback to our supervisor in the review.

How to Deal with an Angry Customer

1. Keep Calm

In some cases, the nervous customer tries to show his/her anger openly. When dealing with a nervous customer, use smiling and body language such as eye contact. Let’s take the initiative to shake hands with him/her and prove that we are eager to communicate with him/her and try our best to solve his/her concerns. Although when we talk to the customer on the phone, he/she does not see us, but smiling conveys the warmth and sincerity of our voice to him/her. By speaking in a calm and low voice, the nervous client is forced to lower the pitch of his/her voice.

Deal with an Angry Customer روش برخورد با مشتری عصبانی
Peace of Mind
2. Acknowledge the Upset of the Nervous Customer

One of the most important ways to deal with a nervous customer is to ask him what happened to upset you. By saying things like “I understand your frustration” and “I’m so sorry,” we can acknowledge an angry customer‘s feelings without accepting blame.

3.Change Our Mentality

Successful customer interaction depends on not viewing their anger as personal hostility. We can do this by changing our mindset from blaming and finding fault to a mindset that aims to find a solution. Saying things like, “Let me see what I can do,” is a great way to demonstrate this mindset and help us find solutions with less anxiety.

Deal with an Angry Customer روش برخورد با مشتری عصبانی
Change of Mind
4. Introduce Ourselves to the Nervous Customer

Ask the name of the angry customer and try to use it in the conversation. This makes our communication more personal and shows that we value him/her.

5. Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Getting customer details about their age and background helps us connect with customers and maintain friendly relationship. Use the information that was already in the customer‘s file. To be more sure of the details, we can ask the angry customer more sincerely.

6. Let’s Listen

At this stage, the most important thing to do is to listen to the angry customer.

7. Let’s Sympathize and Apologize

Prove to the angry customer that we understand the reason for his discomfort by being respectful. We should put ourselves in the customer’s place and see how we would react in a similar situation. This helps our minds to understand more about this issue. Express our sympathy verbally and apologize to him directly and without borders.

Deal with an Angry Customer روش برخورد با مشتری عصبانی
Sympathy With Customer

Up to Sum

If the customer abuses us while angry, we should first look for a way to bypass him and end our conversation. In other cases, we should try to find a solution to solve the nervous customer’s problem by maintaining calmness and sympathy. As a result, he can leave the company while he is satisfied and loyal.


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