Micro Moment Marketing بازار یابی لحظه ای

Micro Moment Marketing

Micro Moment Marketing

Micro Moment marketing is a concept that occurs when a need is formed within a person. In such moments, people usually go to their smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers to meet their needs. The needs that people are trying to solve at the moment are divided into 4 groups:

1. Need to know something

2. Need to go somewhere

3. Need to do something

4. Need to buy a device

Due to the growing performance that we have seen from search engines in recent years, users’ expectations of this feature have increased. In fact, users want the highest quality as a result of their searches and expect to get the information they need in the shortest possible time. For example, if a user wants to travel to a country, he wants to find the best travel agency with the lowest price as a result of his /her search on Google.

Advantages of Micro Moment Marketing

In micro moment marketing, moments are important and decisive. In these moments, people are not looking for a specific and famous brand. Rather, all they want is a business or a product that meets their needs. This hastening and urgency has made the necessity of the moment felt in marketing.

Micro - Moment Marketing بازاریابی لحظه ای
Micro – Moment Marketing (M.M.M)

1. Attracting the Customer‘s Attention in the Moment

The scope of the customer’s view and attention is limited at the moment when he / she needs a product urgently. This makes it difficult to reach the target audience; Because we must communicate with the target market in the shortest possible time and use a mechanism in the marketing process that is easily understood by our audience. Using micro-moment marketing capabilities, we can produce and deliver content that can be responded at the moment of the customer‘s need. Our production content should create value for the audience and act in providing information in such a way that it brings the maximum desire of the customer to buy, do work, etc.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

We can never deny the existence of different brands and competitors that are available to customers. The conditions of competition and efforts to obtain a significant share of the market can be seen both for well-known and established businesses and in relation to small and emerging businesses. By using micro-moment marketing, we can create relative awareness of our brand in our target customers in a short period of time, and this familiarity with the brand can satisfy our audience’s need to know at the moment. For this increase in awareness, we can produce and publish content through posts and blogs to answer the most common questions of our customers regarding their needs and desires.

3. Competitive Advantage

By investing in instant marketing, we can guarantee our success in business. In such a way that we can instantly provide a wide range of information to the customer that their use will lead to a purchase or call. The moments of need are endless, and with the ever increasing growth of technology and technology, there will be more in the lives of consumers.

Successful Strategies in Micro Moment Marketing

Micro - Moment Marketing بازاریابی لحظه ای
Instant Marketing (I.M)
1. Active Presence

We should consider a little time in attracting customers. Do not ignore the customer’s momentary glance and prepare a ready answer for the customer’s possible question.

2. Be Useful

When a customer reaches our site and brand through a Google search, the explanations and information he/she gets should be the best, most complete and most convincing.

3. Being Fast

In marketing, we talk about the moment, the moment. Our users and customers want to get answers to their questions in a fraction of a second. Therefore, let’s shorten the path to find the answer for them.

Up To Sum

To understand the needs and wants of customers, we must always consider the moment. In today’s fast-paced world, no one waits for a long time to buy and use a service. Therefore, our service provision for the sale of our products and services must be quick and momentary. The information that is provided to the customer in micro-moment marketing, while being short, should be comprehensive, complete and convincing for purchase.

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