Self-Management خود مدیریتی



Self-management is a skill that helps us control our thoughts and emotions. This allows us to increase our productivity and performance in the work environment and reach our goals.

Types of Skills

1. Organization

Organization is one of the most important self-management skills. Organizational skills are used to create order and improve performance. Self-management skills allow us to manage our responsibilities.

Self-Management خود مدیریتی
2. Goal Setting

Another type of self-management skills is goal setting. Goal setting is the ability to determine what we want to achieve. Setting goals in the work environment helps to make decisions about important issues, to have a practical plan to achieve our goals.

3. Time Management

Time management helps us to prioritize our tasks, avoid distractions and maintain our focus. It also helps to focus on a few issues and set deadlines for each project.

4. Individual Motivation

Self-motivation is the self-management skill of taking initiative and completing tasks that need to be done. By using self-management skills, we can predict possible tasks and plan for them. Self-management skills help us to be effective in the work environment and ensure our progress.

Self-Management خود مدیریتی
Individual Motivation
5. Stress Management

One of the most important self-management skills is stress management. Stress management includes a healthy diet, exercise regimen, and activities such as meditation and managing stressors. Stress management helps us focus on our goals and make continuous progress.

6. Responsibility

Responsibility in self-management skills is taking ownership of thoughts and actions. When we take on a responsibility, we can determine the best way to do it.

Self-Management خود مدیریتی

Strengthening Self-Management Skills

1. Know Your Strengths

The most important thing to improve self-management is to define our performance at work. Knowing your strengths helps you manage your career path in a way that you can use skills like coding, graphic design, or customer service.

2. Prioritize Our Tasks

In order to have better self-management, we must prioritize more important tasks, focus on our tasks and avoid any distractions.

3. Develop Organizational Systems

For better self-management, we must find better ways to manage our time and simplify our activities. At this stage, we can use the time management program.

4. Set a Specific Deadline

For better self-managing, we should define a deadline for our tasks and follow it. We should do our work before the specified deadline, even if we have to work more hours.

5. Do Only One Thing at a Time

In order to have better self-managing, we must focus on one task. Before starting a new task, do the previous task completely so that we can manage our efforts well.

6. Take Care of Your Health

One of the most important self-management skills is to have a proper diet, exercise, actively focus on reducing your stress level, rest to focus more, and eat snacks. These works improve our self-managing.

Self-Management Skills at Work

1.To Attend Meetings on Time and Fully Prepared

One of the most important self-managing skills in the workplace is to take time to gather information and prepare questions the day before the meeting. Read your notes an hour before the meeting so that you can focus on the objectives of the meeting and be an active participant.

2. Before Leaving the Workplace, Plan for the Next Day

To organize our to-do calendar, at the end of the work day, set a time to update the calendar, review the next day’s tasks, and sort the new tasks according to the list.

3. Draw the Goals of the Project

Determine the exact deadline and manage the tasks daily, weekly, monthly and annually using the calendar.

Up to Sum

Self-managing is a skill that guides us to achieve our goals and increases productivity. Among the skills that we must learn in this regard, we can mention time management, responsibility, goal setting, etc. To strengthen these skills, we can use methods such as recognizing our strengths, setting deadlines, self-care, etc.


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