Content Marketing بازاریابی محتوا

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best examples of marketing that has many benefits and helps our business expand.Content marketing strategy creates valuable content that is related to the business topic. Valuable and quality content attracts many audiences. It is worth noting that the content is produced for audiences who benefit from the created content and helps the audience to solve their problems with the help of the produced content.
Content marketing is used in setting up internet businesses, and the situation of its use is virtual space, and it has a great impact on its progress.

Reasons of Use

One of the main and most important reasons for using internet businesses is to improve site traffic and lead generation, which uses cost-effective and reliable sources. Another reason for using it is to improve the level of brand awareness.

Advantages of Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most important benefits of the strategy is to increase website traffic and lead generation using trusted and low-cost sources and helps website managers and internet businesses to achieve more success in their field of work.

1. Building Trust

The more valuable and useful the information, the more the audience trusts our information. As a result, they can use our products easily. The important point of good content is not only that it increases the trust of the audience, but also in the short term, the interest in the brand is formed in the audience.

2. Brand Awareness

One of the most common goals of content marketing is to increase brand awareness. Brand awareness helps to produce valuable content, attract audience and measure audience reaction to the content.

3. SEO Site Improvement

Another factor that requires content marketing is improving the site’s SEO. This work is easy to produce high quality content that can attract more traffic to the website. When the content related to the business topic is provided and the correct keywords are used, the website will find a higher position in the search engines.

Content Marketing بازاریابی محتوا
4. Lead Generation or Marketing Lead

Every business needs to build trust and awareness. But the most important business goal in content marketing is lead generation. Content marketing makes people find our business using useful content information. One of the most important goals of content marketing is to convert website and blog traffic into leads, and as a result, to cultivate leads in the purchase cycle and convert them into buyers.

5. Attracting Ideal Contacts

Leads play an important role in the marketing process. By using leads, we can attract the ideal audience. The positive thing is that only people who are interested in our business and field of expertise follow our content.

6. Conversion of Audience to Customer

We need to convert the audience into a customer through a journey. The customer journey consists of three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Awareness Stage

At this stage, the user realizes that he has a problem and searches on Google to solve his/her problem. After searching, he/she finds our blog and starts reading the content.

Considerations Step

At this stage, the user evaluates the solution to the problem and watches the videos. At this stage, the user makes sure that the company can solve his problem.

Decision Stage

At this stage, the user decides to use our products and services. By using content marketing, we succeed in turning the user into a buyer.

Content Marketing بازاریابی محتوا
7. Content Sharing by Visitors

One of the best and most effective ways to make us more visible is the sharing of content created by customers. One of the most important advantages of this strategy is the ability to share. Sharing is done in the form of email forwarding or post sharing in social networks. The more content is shared by more people, the better.

8. In Line with Other Marketing Strategies

A marketing strategy needs good content to be successful. Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important strategies that are influenced by good content. This method is distributed in different formats such as printed sheets, mobile, video and social networks.

9.Increasing the Rate of Return on Investment

Content marketing takes time. This method is economical and cheap. This cost is 62% lower than the traditional marketing method, but its impact is three times higher. We may not get the desired result in the first months, but over time, the return on investment from this type of marketing will increase.

Content Marketing بازاریابی محتوا

Content Marketing Strategy Methods

1. Specifying the Target Audience

Determine your target audience. To have a successful program, we need to define the target audience as buyers. Knowing the target audience helps us to produce valuable content.

2. Recruitment of Content Force

We need experts to succeed in this field. Specialists are divided into several groups:

2.1. Blogger

The task of this group is to write articles in different fields and they are responsible for optimizing the content on the blog and increasing the number of subscribers. This group should have writing, editing and analysis skills.

2.2. Social media Manager

This group is responsible for increasing the number of followers on Instagram, attracting people to the business and converting them into customers. This group should be familiar with social networks, create content for social networks and have good cooperation with content producers and marketers. Creativity and social relations are the most important characteristics of this group of people.

2.3. SEO Expert

This group is responsible for improving the ranking. One of the duties of this group is cooperation with bloggers and being up-to-date in the field of SEO. These people have special skills.

2.4. Designer

This group is responsible for branding and gives identity to the brand by using unique designs. These people are very creative and have good cooperation and interaction with writers.

Up to Sum

Content marketing is one of the different types of marketing that has high efficiency despite spending a low cost to do it. By using this type of marketing, we can attract countless audiences in the virtual space, it will be possible to gain customers’ trust in our brand, and the audience will get to know our brand and business in a more effective way.

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