Electronic Customs گمرک الکترونیک

Electronic Customs

Electronic Customs

Electronic customs can be considered as performing and controlling all activities related to customs, such as issuing documents, clearance of goods, registration of records, etc. in the context of the electronic system.
Today, the advancement of technology and technology has made it possible to transfer a large amount of information all over the world in the shortest possible time. In the meantime, business related matters are not exempted from this rule and the companies active in the business field have left the traditional and paper mode by launching electronic systems. In this regard, with the launch of the electronic customs system, we no longer see a lot of time-consuming paperwork in the field of customs related matters.

The Importance of Electronic Customs

One of the most important duties of the customs organization is the application of economic policies and monitoring of foreign and international trade. Due to the close relationship between trade and customs, the above tasks must be carried out with high precision and quality. In the past, there was a possibility of mistakes and even smuggling during customs operations due to the long time it took to perform customs duties. As a result, the need for a system with high speed and security was felt to carry out business-related matters, especially at the international level. The launch of the electronic customs system brought security, accuracy and speed to business affairs.

Important Features of Electronic Customs

This system has made it possible to carry out 35 important customs operations, from the time of registration of the declaration to the time of the goods leaving the customs, all electronically. Therefore, in addition to being economical, it has shortened the process of performing customs activities and made the business environment easier. In this system, by using the capabilities of artificial intelligence, the exchange of information is done with greater power and speed, and the communication between the input and output of goods is done in an integrated way.
In addition, this system provides the possibility of easier recording of information and accurate control and monitoring of the input and output of goods. Also, the possibility of electronic connection to the bill of lading, setting up a smart exit door, obtaining an inspection certificate, exchange of information between customs, etc. are other capabilities of the electronic customs system.

Electronic customs گمرک الکترونیک

Advantages of the System

1. Reduce Costs

The applicant for doing business does not need to go to specific places, big buildings and different masters to perform customs related activities. Also, by using this system, there is no need to copy and print relevant documents. All these actions are done through the system in the shortest time and with the lowest cost.

2. Reducing Errors and Mistakes

The close relationship between customs and e-commerce increases the power of control and management. Since the way of working in digital governments is always under supervision, the shortcomings in this regard are fully recognizable. Therefore, it is possible to correct these shortcomings by the system at a faster rate.

3. Prevention of Rent

The formation of many economic opportunities originates from information. If all employees have access to the available information, the possibility of information rent and the existence of economic discrimination will be eliminated or at least minimized.

4. Prevention of Corruption

In general, information, especially if it is confidential and in the possession of a limited number, causes corruption. For example, if a limited group of customs employees are aware of the increase in customs tariffs of certain items or the increase of prohibited items for import, they can make huge profits by selling this information. The existence of an integrated electronic customs system prevents such corruptions by making this information available to the public.

5. Increasing Speed

It is a long and time-consuming process for people to go to various organizations and get the necessary permits and wait for the results to be announced. The electronic customs system makes it possible to carry out relevant matters in the moment or in the shortest possible time. In addition, this possibility is also available for people to continuously monitor the ongoing steps.

Electronic Customs گمرک الکترونیک
Electronic Customs

Up to Sum

Due to the close relationship and deep connection between customs and e-commerce, it is necessary to complete the relevant procedures in the shortest possible time and with the highest accuracy. Therefore, the electronic customs system has been significantly welcomed and supported by business activists. In addition, this system minimizes or corrects the risks and mistakes in the field of business. It also prevents delaying the customs process and spending huge costs.


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