Traditional Marketing بازاریابی سنتی

Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing includes all the methods that were used before the emergence of new internet methods and related tools. In fact, in this type of marketing, we are dealing with offline and direct methods and strategies such as radio, television, advertising billboards, SMS, magazines, etc. But the problem that exists in this method is the lack of access to accurate statistics and information regarding the amount of visitors, reaction and customer satisfaction. For example, it is not possible to evaluate the number of people whose attention our advertising billboard has attracted.

The Position of Traditional Marketing in Today’s Advertising Space

The root of all the problems we face today should be found in the past. Marketing is one of the things that has a long history in the field of advertising and sales. Before the rule of the Internet and technological advances, the process of marketing and advertising was done in a traditional and direct way.
But today, the new ways of doing this, based on the same principles and basic laws of the past, have found their way and are advancing. However, the effect of traditional marketing cannot be completely denied. Currently, the use of traditional methods in special situations has its place. In this case, the following can be mentioned:

1. In some cases, it is the only tool that can be used to communicate with a certain group of people. For example, to sell products or provide services to the elderly. Because this group of consumers do not have a good relationship with the Internet and virtual space.

2. One of the effective methods of traditional marketing is one-to-one marketing, which is used in the insurance industry.

3. According to some activists and experts in this field, marketing in the traditional way is much more acceptable than the modern and internet method. Because in this method, operational ideas can be imitated in a limited way and have a greater impact on people’s minds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

Considering the emergence and prosperity of modern and new marketing methods, the use of traditional methods does not face significant success. But as stated earlier, it has not completely disappeared and organizations have the possibility to use traditional methods for this purpose if their budget allows. Therefore, examining and stating the advantages and disadvantages in this regard will be helpful for comparing different marketing methods and explaining the best strategy in this field.

At first, it is better to mention the different methods of this type of marketing. The types of traditional marketing methods are as follows:

1. Marketing through billboard installation, advertising on city buses and outdoor marketing in general.

2. Mass media such as radio and television and etc,.

3. Print media such as newspapers and magazines.

4. Directly through distribution and presentation of the catalog.

5. Indirectly such as SMS or telemarketing.

6. Advertising through showcases and shop windows.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

The advantages of traditional marketing are brought up because if this method lacked a competitive advantage and expressible advantage, it should definitely be completely destroyed. But we still see advertising billboards everywhere in the city. Even daily we may receive dozens of advertising SMS in different areas. The following are some of the advantages of this method.

Traditional Marketing بازاریابی سنتی
Commercial Advertisement (C.A)
1. High Impact Power

Designing some traditional advertisements in a fun and understandable way for everyone in the community. This influence will be more successful in attracting the audience.

2. High Longevity

The permanence of advertisements that are carried out using the traditional method is greater in society and among people. For example, when we advertise in a newspaper, as long as this newspaper is removed and recycled, it can be successful in attracting the audience.

Traditional Marketing بازاریابی سنتی
Advertising in Newspapers (A.N)
3. Memorability

Advertisements that take place in larger mass media can engage and take control of the audience’s mind. For example, a commercial on TV can last longer than a one-minute video on Instagram.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

1. Difficult Assessment

One of the keys to the success of any action is its evaluation and analysis. The traditional marketing process deprives its actors of the possibility of analysis and evaluation. For example, if we install billboards or print and distribute leaflets for our advertising, how can we find out how successful it is in attracting audiences? This makes us stop recognizing our weaknesses and shortcomings.

2. High Price

Some traditional marketing methods require high expenditure. Therefore, it cannot be considered a good option for new businesses.

3. Lack of Direct Interaction with the Consumer

Traditional marketing methods are often a one-way process to introduce the services and products of a business to consumers. But on the other hand, there is no possibility of survey and customer feedback.

4. Low Level of Flexibility

To implement advertising methods in traditional marketing, we do not have the possibility of updating. For the new update, the only way is to replace the new version instead of the old version, which is also costly.

Up To Sum

There are always differences between traditional marketing and modern marketing. Even the fans of traditional marketing believe that the disadvantages of this method cannot be expressed in comparison with its advantages. They also believe that in order to stand out in the existing competitive market, the most effective and efficient method is to resort to traditional marketing methods. However, due to the ever-increasing progress of technology and new methods, it is not possible to rely on traditional methods. Because these methods, despite the advantages stated for them, can only be implemented within a certain range.


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