Organizational Planning برنامه ریزی سازمان

Organizational Planning

Organizational Planning

Organizational planning is done in order to achieve the organization‘s predetermined goals. Plans are more important to achieve organizational goals and business success. According to the types of programs in the field of business, they depend on factors such as organizational activity, organizational length, being a specialist or not, and frequency. The most important difference between program and planning is that planning is an activity that consists of a process that includes different micro-activities. But the program is a commitment that is important to achieve specific results.

Planning Based on Practical Scope

1. Strategic Planning

Strategic plans are plans that show the direction of the mission, goals and strategies of the organization. These plans specify the actions that the company can use to achieve its strategic goals.
Strategic planning includes senior managers, CEO and board of directors. Strategic plans include the vision, mission and overall goals of the organization. These plans are the most important elements that determine the state of the business in terms of its goals in the future.

2. Approach Planning

Approach plans are used to prepare the road map of strategic plans. These programs show the implementation method.
Approach plans are compiled in the short term by mid-level managers such as sales managers, human resources and production managers. For example, company managers plan to allocate resources to support the company’s strategic plan. The human resources manager is responsible for planning the company’s human resources management. Production managers plan to smooth the production path in the business.

Organization Planning برنامه ریزی سازمانی
Approach Planning
3. Operational Planning

Operational plans are very similar to approach plans. Their difference is that operational planning includes actions that the organization must take.

Planning Based on Duration

This type of planning includes goals and strategic plans for the next three to five years. Senior managers are involved in preparing long-term plans. Long-term planning includes planning to expand the company’s space, opening new branches, entering a new market, and investing in shares.

1. Medium Term Planning

This type of planning includes goals and approach plans for the next one to two years. Mid-level managers are involved in the preparation of the medium-term plan.

Organization Planning برنامه ریزی سازمان
Medium-term Planning
2. Short Term Planning

Short-term planning is one of the most important types of planning that includes operational goals for different departments. Short-term plans are compiled by supervisors and group leaders. The short-term planning period is three to six months. This type of planning includes increasing monthly profits, hiring new employees for the company, and assigning monthly goals to employees.

Types of Planning Based on Being Specific or Not

1. Special Planning

Specific planning is one of the types of planning that are very clear and have specific goals. For example, the production manager explains the plan to his subordinates, what work should be done in which place, at what time, to what extent, and by whom.

Up to Sum

Planning makes us successful in life and we can use our time better. Management planning helps organizations determine their important goals and improve their business through various planning methods.


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