Increase Creativity افزایش خلاقیت

Increase Creativity

Increase Creativity

Increase creativity helps us to strengthen creative thinking and idea generation skills and problem solving ability. We use increased creativity to generate new ideas. Creativity is one of the most important skills in the workplace. Creativity also helps us find ways to solve problems.

Ways of Increase Creativity

1. Commit Ourselves to Creativity

One of the most important ways to increase creativity is to be committed to creativity. To increase creativity, we have to make efforts, define our goals and get help from others.

2. Become an Expert to Increase Creativity

Being an expert is another way to increase creativity. With expertise, we can think of a solution to problems.

Increase Creativity افزایش خلاقیت

3. Reward Our Curiosity

One of the obstacles to creativity enhancement methods is to feel that curiosity is an extreme task. When we are curious about something, we should reward ourselves instead of blaming ourselves. In addition to rewarding yourself, developing intrinsic motivation is one of the ways to increase creativity.

4. Take Risks

Taking risks is another best method of this strategy. For this strategy, we have to take risks. In addition to efforts, we should improve our creative talents.

Increase Creativity افزایش خلاقیت

5. Increase Our Self-Confidence

One of the most important methods of this process is to increase self-confidence. Reducing our abilities hinders creativity. That is why it is so important to increase self-confidence. For this strategy we need to praise our efforts, note our progress and reward our creativity and curiosity.

Increase Creativity
Self Confidence

6.Take Time for Creativity

Another method of this strategy is to set aside time to focus on creative projects. If we do not spend time on our creative abilities, we cannot increase them.

7. We Must Overcome the Negative Attitude

One of the methods of this strategy is to overcome negative attitudes and views. Negative thoughts hinder our creative abilities and talents.

8. Fight the Fear of Failure

One of the other methods of this strategy is to deal with the fear of failure. Fear of failure causes our progress or business to fail. Whenever we encounter mistakes, we repeat to ourselves, mistakes are part of this process.

9. Explore Multiple Solutions

One of the methods of this skill is to find problem solving skills. Finding a solution to the problem contributes to this strategy. Instead of continuing with the idea, set a time to find a solution to overcome the problems.

10. Have a Creative Diary

One of the methods of this strategy is to use a journal. Using this journal, we can save our ideas that will be a source of inspiration in the future.

11.We Must Challenge Ourselves and Create Opportunities

We need to challenge ourselves to develop creative skills. For example, to create a new project or to use new tools for our projects.

Up to Sum

There are various ways to increase creativity, with the help of which we can improve ideation skills, problem solving ability and being receptive to new ideas in order to reach the best solution for each challenge. Many methods and techniques will help us in this regard. such as fighting fear, journaling, increasing self-confidence, etc.


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