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Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are skills that include the ability to communicate and build relationships with others. These skills have different characteristics, the most important of which is communication and cooperation with others. This skill helps our job interview process and has a significant impact on our career development.

Individual Skills Strategy

Active listening
• Motivation
• Unanimity
These strategies in the work environment are capitals that help us in complex tasks and applying changes and daily tasks.

The Importance of Individual Skills

Personal skills help our job interview process. Because employers hire people who can communicate well with others. In addition, this skill helps us to understand others and have an effective attitude to cooperate with others, which allows us to succeed in any job.

1. Effective Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important reasons for business success. This skill is used for proper communication with colleagues and exchange of opinions, and makes us value and respect the opinions and suggestions of the other party. Communication in this skill causes better performance in carrying out responsibility and better management of tasks.

2. An Open Feed Back Loop is Created

Most companies try to create an environment where they can react to internal and external factors. There should be continuous communication between the person doing the work and the person delegating the work. When a person performs the assigned tasks, he shows his reaction in the work steps. The supervisor comments on the quality of work at the end of the work and asks that person to correct his work.

3. More Opportunities Are Created

Creating relationships with colleagues and managers and having this strategy in the workplace provides more opportunities for us. If we have a good relationship with our boss, he will provide us with good resources to do the work and offer us a better position with benefits in the company. These items are one of the positive points in our progress.

4. It Connects Us to Others

Interpersonal skill allows us to be known as a friendly person among managers and colleagues. As a result, colleagues feel more comfortable with us and tend to seek our help. This skill helps us interact more with others and increases our productivity level.

5. It Shows Our Social Awareness

With this strategy, we show that we are more interested in the well-being of our customers and colleagues and gain their trust and confidence. Emotional intelligence helps us to endure difficult social situations. In addition, with strategy, we can make the right decision about business issues.

6. Customer Satisfaction Increases

Being diplomatic is one of the most important work characteristics. In addition to colleagues, customers can also benefit from our intelligence. Customer satisfaction makes the boss happy.

Methods of Improving Interpersonal Skills

1. Participation in Online Classes

Workshops and online classes and educational videos are among the most important ways to improve this skill. Many of them are free and some are not.

2. Look for Opportunities to Build Relationships

If we are working remotely and do not have a chance to develop this skill, we can join new groups. We can choose a group related to our job or a group related to the industry.

Up to Sum

Interpersonal skills are skills that include the ability to communicate and build relationships with others. The strategies used in this regard include things like active listening, flexibility, motivation, empathy, etc. Using these skills can be a link between us and others, create more opportunities in our personal and professional lives, and express our social awareness.

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