Insurance Marketing بازاریابی بیمه

Insurance Marketing

Insurance Marketing

Insurance marketing is proposed because insurance is one of the necessities of life and people need it. But people should be reminded of the necessity, advantages and insurance coverage so that they feel the need for it and pay for it. One of the necessities of human life nowadays is insurance, which can be used to compensate in case of damage.
To know about insurance coverage and the benefits of using it, we need to contact a knowledgeable person who has comprehensive information in this regard. This person is called an insurance marketer. The duty of the insurance marketer is to provide complete information about insurance to the insurer.
In this way, the insurer gets to know all the benefits, features and exceptions of insurance and chooses an insurance with complete information.

Features of Insurance Marketer

First of all, we should know that a professional insurance marketer must be fully familiar with insurance marketing terms and customer communication methods. One of the main and important factors for success in this field is the ability to communicate effectively with the customer. Among the series of distinctive features that a professional insurance marketer should have, the following can be mentioned:

Insurance Marketing بازاریاب بیمه
1. Different Work

Doing things the way others don’t. In other words, we should design our marketing plan with the knowledge we get from the target community and their needs and by combining this knowledge with creativity and personal experience.

2. Creating a Positive Mindset

One of the important tasks of an insurance marketer is to eliminate the negative and black image that has been formed in people’s minds regarding insurance and insurance companies. For this purpose, we can act through detailed and sufficient explanations about the insurance policy. In order to win the trust of the customer, which is one of the requirements of selling insurance to him/her, we must speak honestly in our explanations about the process of issuing insurance and receiving damages and the amount of insurance premium.

3. Customer Persuasion

A professional marketer should be able to delight the customer with his/her words and stimulate their needs. Persuading and creating excitement in the customer is one of the duties of the marketer.

4. Risk Taking

Possessing an adventurous spirit, boldness and risk-taking are the distinctive characteristics of an insurance marketer. Just talking is not enough; But we should also act practically. We must remember to consider each failure as an experience and not be afraid of it.

5. Continuity in Learning

The process of learning about insurance issues is never ending for a marketer. The marketer is always learning.

6. Self Confidence

A successful and professional marketer is self-confident and has high self-esteem.

7. Hiring People

Recruitment by the insurance marketer will be based on the efficiency of the people so that it can continue to progress.

Insurance Marketing Strategy

One of the reasons for the failure of insurance sales representatives and their low sales is the failure to benefit from a proper marketing plan. By planning properly in this regard and finding the strengths and weaknesses of participating in the meetings, we can have maximum customer attraction. Sales representatives and marketers, whose path ultimately ends in failure, their work basis is insistence and persistence in sales.

In the following, we mention 5 important pillars in relation to the management of the insurance sales meeting:

1. First of all, let’s get the customer’s attention.

2. To achieve a correct and appropriate diagnosis of the customer’s needs and desires.

3. Suggesting and presenting the insurance plan that we consider suitable for the other party.

4. Answering customers’ questions and eliminating their excuses

5. Final sale and conclusion of contract

Insurance Marketing بازاریابی بیمه
Insurance Marketing (I.M)

Insurance Marketing Methods

1. Direct Marketing

In the direct method, promotional emails or advertising SMS  are used, which are sent monthly or annually.

2. Word of Mouth Marketing

Selling through the transfer of customer experience to others. This method is very effective because people hear the words of a normal person more easily than the words expressed in advertisements.

3. Viral Marketing

This method is done virtually and the speed of information dissemination among users is very high.

4. Telemarketing

In this method, the marketer talks directly with the customer. Due to instant communication, it is better for the insurance marketer to have complete knowledge of the details of the subject.

Insurance Marketing بازاریاب بیمه
5. Promotional Videos

A video preferably short and preferably in the form of motion graphics that is published in cyberspace and websites.

6. Communicative Marketing

The focus is more on interaction and communication with the customer and maintaining it, and less importance is given to advertising.

7. Call to Action

It is done through announcements published on the site.

8. Content

Providing the necessary information in the form of content and writing.

Up To Sum

With the increasing growth of the insurance industry, insurance marketing should also have a growing trend. For more and more effective sales, it is necessary for people who work in the field of insurance sales to be familiar with the basic principles and sales methods. The most important factor in this field is proper communication with the customer and efforts to gain his/her trust.


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