Word of Mouth Marketing بازاریابی دهان به دهان

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing is a type of marketing whose way it works is by definition from customers to others. In fact, sharing the positive or negative experiences of people from their purchases with others can be known as word-of-mouth marketing. This sharing can be done verbally during face-to-face meetings or even in the form of messages exchanged on virtual pages.

How to Do Word of Mouth Marketing

While today most businesses spend huge amounts of money on advertising to increase sales and increase the number of their customers, they are unaware of the marketing power of their customers. We cannot find the power that exists in introducing the brand, product and business by customers in advertising. The word-of-mouth marketer works in such a way that he chooses an interesting topic for discussion and makes people eager to participate in that discussion. People also welcome such advertisements because they trust their friends and acquaintances. Word of mouth marketers seek to build a chain of customers to sell and promote a brand.
To be successful in the word of mouth marketing process, our product must be powerful enough to make customers want to talk about it. When people are satisfied with a product, the result is introducing the product and brand to their friends and acquaintances.

The Root of Word of Mouth Marketing Success

The main root of this model of marketing is based on trust. Customers who are satisfied with our business can bring us countless new customers. The most persuasive type of marketing is this model. Because satisfied customers advertise on their own behalf and do not seek the interests of the organization and business. For this reason, people around them trust their opinions more than the advertisements of business owners.

Word of Mouth Marketing بازاریابی دهان به دهان
Satisfied Customer

Advantages of Word of Mouth Marketing

1. Growth without Business Costs

Many businesses use word-of-mouth marketing for their growth instead of spending huge amounts of money on advertising. Of course, the use of this method depends on increasing the quality of the products. When we are comfortable with our product, we can rely on word of mouth to grow our business.

2. Creating a Safe Area for Customers

Word of mouth marketing focuses more on acquiring loyal customers and business fans than attracting customers. In this case, customers will be more eager to buy and support the mentioned business.

3. Increase Loyalty

Attracting new customers will be more expensive than keeping existing customers. Therefore, in this method, marketers seek to increase customer loyalty to the brand and business. The positive attitude of the users of a business can encourage customers to use a product again. As a result, customer loyalty will increase.

4. Trust Building

According to studies and research, 75% of people do not trust advertisements. This is despite the fact that 90% of people buy according to the opinions of friends, acquaintances and family. On the other hand, 70% of people trust the opinions of users. According to these statistics, word-of-mouth advertising provides the most reliable results.

Word of Mouth Marketing Strategies

1. Creating the Word-of-Mouth Factor

In this regard, it is necessary to act in a way that distinguishes our business among our competitors; An action that makes us stand out and last in the eyes of our consumers. Creating a feeling that customers will not be able to experience anywhere else, compels them to speak positively about our brand to others. This action can be in the form of presenting the product with an attractive and different packaging.

2. Providing Unique Products and Services

Creating and offering a unique product or a different service is a way to get people talking about your business. This difference and uniqueness does not necessarily mean inventing something new. Rather, if we can prepare and offer the existing products and services in a different way, it will provide word-of-mouth marketing by customers.

3. Encouraging Customers to Create Content

The use of the content is not limited to the articles on the site or in the newspaper. The contents that we can use can be in the form of video, audio, photo, etc. content. We can encourage our users to advertise by word of mouth through posts or stories on Instagram.

Word of Mouth Marketing بازاریابی دهان به دهان
Content Production
4. Research on Competitors

Accurate knowledge of competitors and their performance has a significant impact on marketing success. Our marketing team must gain a correct understanding of competitors, issues and problems in their performance. This helps us improve our marketing strategies.

5. Conflict with Human Emotions

One of the effective techniques in the word of mouth marketing process is establishing emotional relationships with customers. Customers who have an emotional interaction with a business will undoubtedly introduce it to others. Establishing such an interaction is not an easy task; Because we have to understand the customer, his needs, desires and emotions.

Up to Sum

The success of word-of-mouth marketing depends on the customer’s interest and satisfaction and raising it with others. We cannot hope for the success of this type of marketing until we can satisfy the customer with our products and services. This type of marketing originates from the positive experience of our customers from our brand and business. Business and brand owners can implement their marketing strategies by creating a positive feeling in customers and a unique experience for them.


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