Advertising Manager مدیر تبلیغات

Advertising Manager

Advertising Manager

Advertising manager is a person within the organization who launches advertising campaigns with the aim of creating people’s interest in the company’s products and services. For this purpose, the advertising manager should be in direct contact with the manager, sales employees and even economic department employees in order to develop and implement campaigns as best as possible.

Advertising Manager Performance

The advertising manager makes every effort to apply and use different media with the aim of selling products and services and making maximum profit. Among the media that are used in this direction, we can mention radio, television, billboards, blogs, websites, magazines, influencers, etc.
The advertising process starts with marketing research and continues with media activities. Finally, all these actions will lead to more sales of products or better services. The advertisements should accurately target the target market and target customers. The advertising manager should be able to create actual customers from the huge number of potential customers by presenting effective and targeted ads.

Main Goals in Advertising Management

The purpose of any advertisement is to establish conversations between the brand and the customer in order to increase sales and profits. But in general, advertising campaigns should be based on 3 basic principles and goals:

1. Introduction

As the first goal in advertising, we should seek to inform potential customers about our brand and business; It means to tell them what we offer or the opening of a new market. Even in this regard, introducing a new product or offering an attractive offer can also work. We can consider all these cases as a good start to talk and get to know our brand, which will be the foundation for future success in the field of business management.

2. Convince

The next principle is the ability to convince potential customers to choose and buy products and services from our brand. This goal is done in order to express the value of the business and gain trust in our brand. Every advertisement should include a clear objective and a call to action; For example, the ability to click on a link or fill out a form.

3. Reminder

Starting some advertisements from scratch is for marketing and awareness to potential customers. But sometimes advertisements are done to encourage the audience again; That is, by advertising, we remind them who we are and what special features of our products distinguish our brand from competitors.

Duties of Advertising Manager

1. Cooperation with Different Departments

The advertising manager must work with managers or employees of different departments to make the best choices about contracts, advertising media and products. For example, in this field, the sales team or the sales manager is the best assistant to the advertising manager in choosing the product and effective advertising.

Advertising Manager مدیر تبلیغات
2. Collecting Information for Advertising Planning

Without getting enough and basic information about products and services, we cannot plan for effective advertising.

3. Media Selection

For proper efficiency of advertisements and to ensure their positive effectiveness, we must choose the right portal and media for it. These media can be chosen from radio, television, print in magazines, virtual space, etc.

Advertising Manager مدیر تبلیغات
Advertising Director
4. Negotiating Advertising Contracts

After choosing the right media for advertising, this task is placed on the head of the advertising manager. In this regard, the advertising manager should negotiate the advertising contracts and how to implement them. Negotiation should be strong and skillful and should be close to the ideals of the advertising team.

5. Analyzing Advertising Programs

We usually need a basic plan to do advertising. In order to implement the initial plan, it is necessary for the advertising manager to analyze it and fix the flaws in it. It is possible to leave the design of the initial advertising plan to an advertising company. In such a situation, after preparation, the initial plan must pass through the filter of the company’s advertising manager and be implemented after analysis. If the initial design is presented by the advertising team, it should be analyzed by the advertising manager and one item should be selected for implementation.

6. Market Research and Analysis of Findings

The advertising manager must also conduct market research and study and analyze the results of his research. This analysis helps him to choose the best execution time and the best form of advertising.

Up to Sum

The duties of the advertising manager start from market research and continue until the implementation of the advertising program according to the conditions of the company, product and services. In this way, he should pay attention to the details of the products and services provided, market capacities, coordination with other active teams in the organization. Success in attracting customers and survival depends on the design, planning and proper implementation of advertising programs.


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