B2C Business تجارت B2C

B2C Business

B2C Business

B2C business is a type of business and marketing where there is a business on one side and one or more real customers on the other side. Therefore, if we deal with regular customers or real special people in our business, our business model includes this model. On the other hand, we are faced with the term B2B; This term includes business interaction between two companies and organizations.

Nature of B2C

We often face B2C business transactions every day. In fact, such interactions are happening millions of times in the world around us. Any type of buying and selling that has an ordinary citizen as a customer on one side is included in this type of business. In normal conditions, such transactions and sales are normal and do not have any special complications. But in relation to B2C marketing, the situation is slightly different, which we will examine further.

B2C Business تجارت B2C
B2C Business (B.B)

B2C Marketing

The point that we should know in this regard is that a simple purchase and sale has a different atmosphere than business to consumer marketing. In the first example, we are faced with a normal and everyday buying and selling, but the second type is a professional business based on practical principles, research and research. Lack of proper understanding of this marketing has caused many businesses that provide goods and services to face low sales and high losses. We can consider a business as a B2C business when it follows the relevant strategies, tactics and principles in its activities. Otherwise, there is no significant difference between a small shop and a large business, both of which are providing services and products.

Marketing campaigns and strategies can be mentioned among the factors that guarantee businesses today. Therefore, in order to succeed in the field of selling products to customers, we must use the principles and rules set in this field. B2C includes the same principles and rules. Perhaps, in the first place, in the field of selling products, chain stores, restaurants, boutiques, etc. are associated in our mind. But today, more volume of transactions is done on the Internet and online.

Online B2C Business

As stated, B2C marketing supports an important part of business-to-customer principles, approaches and solutions. This topic is one of the most important principles of marketing, but due to the expansion of the online business space, learning about the Internet and online B2C will be more effective.

B2C Business تجارت B2C
Business to Consumer (B.C)

B2C Strategies

1. A Human Look at a Potential Buyer

If our goal is to attract a potential audience, we must remember that we should not look at people like an ATM machine. In other words, don’t ask people for their pockets! Rather, let’s focus on their own existence. When writing articles for your website or preparing posts in cyberspace, you should first consider your business reputation and then the existential and human nature of the audience. We are looking for our customer to mention us as a solution to solve their problems.

2. Designing Attractive Competitions

Competition is always interesting. The idea of winning something valuable for free is even more attractive! Especially if for this purpose there is no need to go through difficult steps and take a lot of time. Even in this way we can increase our audience. The important thing in this regard is to be sure of the legal conduct of competitions on any platform. Besides, we also need the opinions of our audience in this regard.
Another important point in holding competitions is the competition prize. Giving an expensive award that is not related to our business will not help us. We should always choose something for the award that is relevant to our business and has significant value.

3. Re-targeting

This concept means customer retention. In fact, what we need to do is to maintain the relationship between the consumer and our business. If we use this method for advertising and consider an independent budget for it, in addition to being fruitful, its cost will also be returned. We must always remember that when the consumer communicates with our business, this communication must be consistent. Even if our target customer passes by indifferently after seeing the ad, in the future an image of us will remain in his mind and he will remember us.

B2C Business تجارت B2C
Re -Targeting
4. Correct Communication with Influential People

Influencers are not just well-known figures like celebrities. Influential people can be people who work in the virtual space as influencers and bloggers. The basis of many people’s purchases is based on the introductions and advertisements that these people make in the virtual space. Therefore, let’s not forget to establish a relationship with the well-known figures of the virtual space with millions of followers.

Up To Sum

B2C business is a business that we face many times every day. But professionally, we will enter this category when our business is combined with B2C marketing. B2C marketing shows business owners the correct principles, frameworks, techniques and methods during the business-to-customer process. This issue will make businesses successful in terms of sales and marketing. To use B2C marketing methods, it is necessary to choose one of the methods according to the structure of our business and according to it. The point that we should not forget in this regard is that we should always pay attention to the credibility of our brand and gaining the trust of our customers.


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